Dave Hudson
Songwriter / Musician / Producer

The Journey

'The Journey' contains 10 original tracks written and performed by Dave Hudson, produced & arranged by Nigel Grummet at Hiball Studios The disc comes in a lovely gatefold digicase with cover photography by Debbie Williams.

The Journey Back Cover
The Journey inside sleeve
The Journey CD Disc

Dave Hudson

The Journey

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Dave Hudson

Dave hails from a long line of musicians and troubadors dating back to 1613 when his great great great great GREAT Grandfather Hamish McHudson first played for the Crown Courts of Europe.

Both his brothers are musical and his mother and aunt would sing for hours to his fathers guitar playing.

Born & raised in Glenleg,South Australia, Dave hit the streets early in his life after never quite settling down in one place as a child. He has over 25 years experience in street busking and pub rock. He plays Guitar & Bass but his strength lies in his ability to harmonise and his ear for melody. 

Dave's songs revolve around love and friendship and esotericism. His motto might be; Never let the tune get in the way of a good song. He sings his originals and covers from the heart with passion and experience.

The Journey

If you haven't matured by the age of 50 (like me), You're probably an artist of some description who is meant to create something to give to the world.
The Journey contains 10 songs written over a 25 year time span. They chronicle the the life and times of me; Dave Hudson - an ordinary lad living on the streets of Adelaide at 15, finding his passion for love and music through eking out an existence driving a cab in between gigs (mainly for food and alcohol) and rehearsals. A lot is said and written about the adolescent transition from childhood to adulthood.
This is an album about the Journey we will all face if we survive that - the journey from young adult to mature adult. It only takes about 30 years folks! I really hope you like it.
The message is clear; it's never too late to follow your dream. It's never too late to get up off that couch and step outside. It's never too late to be what you want to be. And of course, there's always next time around. On that circle of life.

The Band

Dave & his band are available for gigs, either solo, duo or Trio. We prefer trio. It's so much fun!
The Dave Hudson Trio are three heartfelt musicians striving to create the perfect gig evry time. It's more than just playing notes in a song. there's a story behind every one. We want you to feel the music, not just hear it.

Steven Smith provides those beautiful bass tones and rock solid grooves.

Ozzy Goatee keeps everything tight and crisp with his latin inspired beats on the Cajon.

Check the dates in the gig guide because we may be playing near you very soon.

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