Timeline of The Journey

May 19, 1966

Born in Glenelg, South Australia

 glenelg community hospital, aged 0.

February 1982 

On My Own Age 16

kicked from pillar to post for 16 years, I'd had enough. 12 schools in neary as many years, sometimes it seemd like a competition to see who could give the least number of fucks about me! i packed my stuff and i left home, a guitar & a joint to comfort me and not much else, believe me.

March 1987

"Easy to Please"

20 years old, Full of testosterone, drunk and on the prowl. Saturday night usually always came to a depressing lonely end. and then, one fateful night, I thought my dreams had all come at once!
and I've had nightmares ever since!
Nothing was quite what it seemed back then...
Big horns and dirty guitar licks set this scene...

May 1990


Eventually, as you get older, things start to fall into place for you. You're holding down a job, up to your eyeballs in debt, everything's pretty normal, right? You've finally got it together with the girl of your dreams. you want to pop the question. How do you do it? you write a song and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD to everyone. Declare your love for your girl in public. Wear your heart on your sleeve and own it. This track was written in under 20 minutes. A gift from the music gods to me.

September 1991

"Sweet Cherokee"

Working night shift is never easy but doing 12 hour night shifts in a taxi? You gotta be a little bit crazy. All you can think about is the woman you've sacrificed and left behind because you didn't feel worthy, coupled with the burning desire to claw yourself up outta the poverty you've found yourself in and prove your love once again.

December 1991

"Strange Emotion"

Ever had That surreal coming of age moment when everything clicks and you just get it?
For me, it was the realization that I was put on this earth to create music. I realised that somehow, no matter what I thought about myself or my perceived ability, my music brought Other people joy and happiness. Just for a little while they'd forget about their own problems and totally focus on mine for a change! Me me me!

March 1992

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

This fiery little ditty is an homage of sorts to the timeless influence on me by the god of shock rock, Alice Cooper. This one Deserves to be played loud.
I originally wrote this for a close friend with completely different lyrics. Once I recorded it, I hated it! So I rewrote it and hammed it up for the microphone. the result is an epic masterpiece. You've been jilted. You recede into the darkest depths of your own mind and there you plot your revenge. What evolves is a savage tale of a wolf in sheep's clothing and the ultimate revenge fantasy. Thank God I was able to get this out of me as art, that's all I can say.
Definitely don't try this at home, folks...

1992 - 2014

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"
- John Lennon

I got married. I had 5 chidren. to 3 Women. I had a career, I slaved, I played in cover bands, I sang loud and proud. I broke a heart and then had mine broken years later. i loved hard, played hard and i fell hard. but never once did I give up the dream. Finally, in november of 2014, I married my soulmate Shelley. Shelley completes me in a way that allowed me to bring my dream to life. She understands me, tolerates me and encourages me. She is EVERYTHING to me.

August 2014

"Wedding Song"

When I married Shelley I wanted to be sure we remembered our day for a long, long time. I decided I needed a tune for My wedding song. So I wrote one. It's very personal. It's everything she is: Cute,, lots of fun, clever, catchy, short, sweet and beautiful. It's also the only rap on the album. Aussie Rap eh! cheers folks and hope you enjoy it. Yo!

August 2016

"Distant Ships"

The song that got me off my arse to plunge myself headlong into the journey project.
They say the grass is always greener on the other side. The other side of what? When the day comes that you must finally give over to a situation you know will never change. That, despite the magical bond you share with another person, sometimes those things that are beyond your control are the things that dictate the terms of your friendship.

September 2016

"A Little Bit of Sun"

A call to arms.
I'm tired. tired of the apathy and attitude of a lot of people out there. Isn't it time we got real and threw down the phone and actually chipped in. This world is going downhill in a BIG hurry when nobody' gets involved anymore. Are we all just watching, sitting, waiting? And for WHAT?
Isn't it time. time to lend a hand and bring back social responsibility. There. I've said it!

October 2016

Glimmer (feat. Helen Clout)

Written in almost a trance like state, this ballad came out of nowhere in about ten minutes flat. Plucked out of thin air like a gift from the Gods. One of the greatest honours of my life was my brother Phil asking if I would sing this song at his wedding. Which I did in January 2016. It was a surreal occasion and there was not a dry eye in the house. Big Kudos to my dear friend Helen Clout for lifting it up with her dulcet vocal work in this intimate duet.

June 2017

"The Journey"

The end of the Journey. But is it? I believe we can live several lifetimes during our one life. One must constantly reinvent one's self. But when it's all over and you feel like you didn't get enough time? What happens?
You'll see. We are boundless free points of energy, lost in the wheel of time. See you in the next one everybody!

Album Credits

September 2017

All songs ©2017 Dave Hudson
Music & Lyrics: Dave Hudson
Backing Vocals: Nigel Grummet & Dave Hudson
Guest Vocals on “Glimmer”: Helen Clout
ALL Additional instrumentation: Nigel Grummet
Orchestral Arrangement: Nigel Grummet
Dave Hudson & Ben Ford-Davies assisted and advised (sometimes strongly) but generally whinged a lot.
Executive Producer: Shelley Hudson (Bless you soul)
Recorded, produced & engineered by Nigel grummet & Dave Hudson at Hiball Studios in modbury, South Australia.
between Sept 2016 and August 2017
Additional Vocals On “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” recorded in the engine room at Hudsonaudio.
Cover Photography: Debbie Williams
Cover design: Yours Truly 

2018 & Beyond

The live launch was spectacular! It surpassed all expectations and by all accounts folks had a ball.... I'm writing new songs and planning the next album. The Journey Album has been very well reviewed and I can't thank you all enough for your support and love. See y'all in the soup!